Surrendering To Freedom


Surrendering To Freedom

Revelation 12:11 King James Version (KJV)
11 And they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.  King James Version

SURREN’DERverb transitive [Latin sursum, and rendre, to render.]

  1. To yield to the power of another; to give or deliver up possession upon compulsion or demand; as, to surrenderone’s person to an enemy, or to commissioners of bankrupt; to surrender a fort or a ship. [To surrender up is not elegant.]

Recently, I went to the premiere of Here’s My Heart: A Documentary of Surrendering to Freedom. This documentary takes you on the journey of 12 people that were entangled in a lifestyle of homosexual/lesbian/transgender to finding freedom in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. True Overcomers!
As I sat there captivated by each of their stories, it was amazing to see how Jesus Christ transformed their lives. One person showed a picture of him when he was in the lifestyle. I had to blink because he looked totally different. A true transformation!
Even though each story was slightly different, I began to see common traits in all of them.
1. Each person didn’t know how valuable they were. Many had been rejected and abandoned. They were looking for acceptance and the homosexual lifestyle presented them with a false sense of acceptance and twisted love.
2. It was a small step that led to bigger steps into the lifestyle.
3. They believed a lie that homosexuality was their “true” self.
4. The deeper into the life of perversion the emptier they felt.
5. In the emptiness, they began to cry out for help.
6. The Lord had Christians come across their paths to share the love of Jesus Christ and pray for them.
7. At their lowest pit, they reached out to Jesus Christ. There were always people that helped to lead them.
8. They had to make a decision to surrender to Jesus Christ. That is when their transformation took place.
9. They recognized that it is only by the Lord’s grace that they are walking in freedom.
10. Now they are going back and sharing with others in that lifestyle the freedom and acceptance they found in Jesus Christ.

This documentary will provide a bridge from the church to reaching out to the LGBT community. True freedom can only be found in Jesus Christ. It is the love of Jesus Christ that changes a life.

Here’s My Heart: A Documentary of Surrendering to Freedom is an awesome tool that can help a church or small group minister deliverance to the LGBT community. The testimonies presented in this documentary are based on the Word of God and can change a life. This documentary can “preach” for you.
The DVD will be available shortly. You can go to their website. The information will be posted when the DVD is ready for release.

Lastly, the steps to their freedom from the homosexual lifestyle, are the same steps that you can take for anything that may have you captive. Just cry out the Jesus Christ and He will not only hear your cry but do something about it. Just SURRENDER TO FREEDOM!! That freedom can be found only in Jesus Christ.

To surrender your life to Jesus Christ, just say this simple prayer:  Jesus, I am a sinner.  I ask you Lord to come into my life and save me.  Thank you, Lord for saving me.  I accept your righteousness and walk in the newness of Life.  In Jesus Name.

It is just that simple.  You have been made new.  Now ask the Lord to lead you to a good church for you.  If you are in the Atlanta, GA area,  I invite you to my church, Vinings Worship Center, 4372 Oakdale Road, Smyrna, GA.  For those of you outside of the Atlanta, GA area, complete the contact form and I will recommend some churches in your area.

Also, if the Lord is leading you to plant a seed into this ministry, click on the Give and it will give you directions on how to do that.

Truly this is a new day for you!!  Walk in the your TRUE freedom in Jesus Christ.


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